What do you treat?

- Depression
- Anxiety
- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Panic Disorder
- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Insomnia
- Adjustment Disorder - Attention Deficit Disorder
- Suicidal Ideation - Women’s Reproductive Mental Health
- Adolescent Mental Health - Transitional Support during divorce, death & major life changes
- Preventative Psychiatry for Psychological Resilience - Holistic Counseling
- Treatment Resistant Depression & Anxiety - Somatic Disorder
- Individuals Seeking Psychedelic Treatment - Coming 2024 - Other Conditions

What are your fees?

Fees vary by provider education and specialty. Dr. Paroma Mitra and Kara Grasyon, LCSW are currently not accepting insurance for patients but we are happy to provide a super bill that most patient’s submit to insurance for reimbursement. Information on out of network benefits can be found here.

Dr. Margaret Miller, DNP however is currently accepting some insurance plans. Please reach out to us or see the insurance age for more information.
Do you offer telehealth or in-person?

We currently offer both! We are fortunate enough to have a great HIPPA compliant telehealth platform as well as a comfortable, calming office space located on Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich, CT. You may choose which format works best for you!
Do you offer couples counseling?

Yes. Currently we are working with select couples for couples counseling and we have limited slots available. If this is something you are looking for please give us a call. 
Do you offer family therapy?

Unfortunately family therapy is only offered as an adjunct to current patients at this time.
We are looking for neuropsychological testing - do you offer this?

We cannot offer full neuropsych testing at this time, however we have partnered with Creyos Health to monitor, track and diagnose various aspects of cognitive and attention deficit. These reports are often used in schools and other settings and we are happy to discuss this further when appropriate. 
I am on medication that requires blood level monitoring - is this something you can provide?

Yes. Many medications used in psychiatry may require lab work to ensure you are at a therapeutic dose. Greenwich Avenue Psychiatry will place and interpret all lab orders accordingly.
I have tried medication before and it does not work for me. Is it worth trying again?

With new insight into genetic variations in the processing and metabolism of many antidepressants we know that treatment failure may amount to dosing inaccuracies. If you have had difficult side effects or multiple treatment failures please talk to us about Genomind testing which we can provide in office. 
I have been hearing a lot about psychedelic treatment. Do you offer this?

The DEA currently only allows for the use of Ketamine outside of research for mental health treatment. Greenwich Avenue Psychiatry will begin offering ketamine assisted psychotherapy in Fall 2024.